3,500 miles No problem for the BMW 335d 2011!

3,500 miles No problem for the BMW 335d 2011!

In the early 1970s, Brock Yates, editor-in-chief of Car and Driver Magazine, created a gruelling car race from New York City to Redondo Beach, California. What he wanted to do was capture an exciting motorsport event marketed to the average Joe. Continuing the essence of its predecessors, the 2011 BMW 335d is featured in this year’s One Lap of America by Mike Renner, Chris DeYoung, and Steve Maguire.

The One Lap of America race presented by Motor Trend has a very simple set of rules. The drivers will compete in 18 separate races over a span of 8 days and over 3,500 miles. The races are composed of time trials, autocrosses, and drag races. The teams will consist of a minimum of two but a maximum of four drivers. Each team will compete with one set of highway-legal, DOT-approved tyres that must be used throughout the event. The cars themselves are classified according to their engine size, vehicle cost, and must be street legal.

Reliability of the 2011 BMW 3 Series

The events kick off at the Tire Rack facility in South Bend, Indiana with a wet skid pad test. From there, the teams head to Grissom Air Force Base for a monstrous autocross. The teams follow this up with visits to Summit Point Raceway, Virginia, Carolina Motorsports Park and BMW Performance Center, South Carolina, Daytona and Gainesville Dragway, Florida, Circuit Grand Bayou, Louisiana, Barber Motorsports Park, Alabama, and finally the Autobahn, Illinois, before they return to the Tire Rack facility for the final event.

Competing in the alternative fuel category, the BMW 335d is composed of a 3.0-litre, 265 hp, dual overhead camshaft, inline 24-valve 6-cylinder Advanced Diesel engine with an aluminium block, TwinPower Turbo technology, and piezo common rail direct injection. A key element of this engine is the frugal 36 miles per gallon of highway diesel it delivers. During the race, drivers can run approximately 580 miles before having to refuel.

BMW has created the 2011 335d with extremely environmentally friendly diesel technology. With the invention of Blue Performance Technology, BMW uses a process where an odourless cleaning solution is injected from the primary tank of the system into the exhaust where it cleans the nitrogen oxides. The cleaned muffler then passes through a built-in muffler on the muffler that reduces noise as the muffler exits the vehicle.

BMW 3 Series 2011 Used

Among the features offered by the all-new 2011 BMW 335d, Active Cruise Control offers drivers a unique competitive advantage. This feature allows the driver to set the speed and preset distance, and once sensors detect that the vehicle is approaching another vehicle in front, the system automatically slows down to maintain the preset distance. After the distance is increased back to the chosen limit, the system automatically accelerates back to the original preset speed.

Currently, in this year’s One Lap of America race, the BMW 335d team is in first place in the “Alternative Fuel” category and in the top 30 of the overall standings. Providing this team with unparalleled handling, a powerful engine and fantastic fuel economy, the 2011 BMW 335d looks set to continue its dominance in the One Lap of America race.

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